Qualifications of the Aspirant: Faith — Credulity and doubt

The right of testing the Master through critical reasoning has always been conceded to the disciples. But if, after testing and being satisfied about […]

Qualifications of the Aspirant: Faith — Faith and critical reasoning

True faith is grounded in the deeper experiences of the spirit and the unerring deliverances of purified intuition. It is not to be regarded […]

Qualifications of the Aspirant: Faith — Faith in a Master

Faith in a Perfect Master becomes all-important because it nourishes and sustains faith in oneself and faith in life-in the very teeth of setbacks […]

Qualifications of the Aspirant: Faith — Secure basis of self-confidence

Unshakable faith in oneself is as rare as implicit faith in some other person. Few have developed it to the degree that ensures effective […]

Qualifications of the Aspirant: Faith — Importance of faith in oneself

Unqualified and implicit faith in each other belongs to the world of ideals. In actual practice it exists only in special cases. Though it […]

Qualifications of the Aspirant: Faith — Faith and its forms

One of the most important qualifications for the aspirant is faith. There are three kinds of faith: faith in oneself, faith in a Perfect […]

“Your mind is useless! All it does is confuse you!”

Baba resumed: “Is everyone here prepared to obey me 100 percent? You should be very honest. [Everyone raised his or her hand.] Can you […]

Constant companion

Make me your constant companion. Think of me more than you think of your own self. The more you think of me, the more […]

Turn into dust; only then will you do my work!

The Poona Centre lovers would come to Guruprasad and describe all the work they were doing for Baba, boasting: “We held such and such […]

Defend yourself but never beat up anyone

Once Rustom and Sohrab had a fist fight with some other boy. Baba heard about it and warned them, “Don’t raise your hand against […]