“Fit for the Path”

While in Panchgani, Baba would give darshan once a week on Thursdays to his lovers in nearby towns. In addition, at times other lovers would come from distant cities. On April 8th, a fourteen-year-old boy named Suloo Ram Meshram arrived from Nagpur. He had found out about the Master by reading a newspaper account of Baba’s visit to Nagpur in 1937, and contacted the Jessawalas for more information. Suloo had written to Baba in January, 1938, and Baba had called him to Panchgani in April.

Along the way, the boy lost his luggage, except for two baskets of oranges he was bringing to Baba. He reached Panchgani with the help of a sympathetic bus driver. When Suloo met Baba he told him he had lost all his money and clothes, Baba remarked, “Lose everything, but don’t lose me! Yet to lose everything is almost impossible, and when you totally lose all – I am found!”

The next morning Baba came while Suloo was taking a bath. Gustadji called Suloo, and he innocently went to Baba as he was – naked except for his underpants. Baba asked how he had slept and what thoughts were on his mind. After he told Baba, Baba looked at him closely and remarked, “Fit for this path!” After three days in Baba’s intimate company, Baba gave Suloo certain instructions and then sent him back to Nagpur. Although he was young, Suloo loved Baba with all his heart and became devoted to him the rest of his life.


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