For better opening for the expression of art, something spiritual


[Personal Interviews with Baba: Introduced as an artist, and his two Sons]

Q. I want a better opening for the expression of art, something spiritual.

Baba: It will come. For the present, do whatever you think appropriate for expressing your art, and when you feel something better to express, then automatically and by itself it will open out to you.

Q. That is what he thinks also.

Baba: There is a painter in India. When we were both young he came to me and showed me his paintings. They were fantastic. Though I saw and knew they were not good, yet I said, “It is good, go on.” After a year or so, he came back to me and showed me some more. They were marvellous. Yet I did not say they were marvellous. I said, “Go on,” and today he is one of the greatest artists of the East. So whatever you feel like doing, go on doing. It will go on developing by itself.

(Forty-three interviews with Baba, 1934, Zurich)

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