Need for another terrible dream

[Personal Interviews – Zurich, 1934]

A German Editor. He feels that the Swiss people are not receptive of Eastern lore. The people do not […]

People talk, but do not seek God’s grace

[Personal interviews]

28. A clergyman and a doctor friend.

Q. From the Christian standpoint, Christ […]

Don’t think much of self while doing service

[Personal Interviews]

Question: I am very happy to see you.

Baba: Anything to say?

Question : About the children for whose […]

Bringing the best out of yourself

[Personal interviews]

Question: How can one achieve ones ambition? He [pointing to her son] ia an artist.

Baba: And art […]

Do anything with confidence and right motive

[In an Interview]

Q: “Should I continue what I am doing now?”

Baba: “Yes, it is all right, only if you do […]

How can I have happiness?

Question. How can I have happiness ?

Baba: Everyone in the world, consciously or unconsciously, seeks happiness in one form or another. You […]

Internal fountain of bliss

Question: If all the beautiful things we have known moonlight, stars, music, the sound of the sea, the fragrance of flowers, our little dreams […]

“Anything that is done with love has perfect results”


Q. How can one be a good doctor and use medical science best ?

Ways to overcome ones weaknesses

Q. Could you show us some means to overcome our weaknesses and faults?

Baba: By selfless service, devotion and love.


Try to be always happy

Baba gave a similar reply to a morphine addict who approached him. Baba asked, “Are you happy?”

The man said, […]