Intense longing required for union with God



Someone asked if each one has to go through all the seven planes. In reply, Baba spelled out:

A Perfect Master does not make you go through each plane. He takes you past them all, and the fun is you do not go. You just stay where you are; just as now you get up, go out and walk about. You think you go, but you are everywhere. Your mind takes this body. You are everywhere.

Therefore, long for union with God. Do not bother about planes or samadhi’s powers. Long for union and be patient.

Once a Master told a disciple that to attain to the highest, “You have to be bound hand and foot on a plank of wood and then be thrown into a river without getting your garments wet!” This poor man could not understand.

He wandered around and around until he came to another saint and asked the meaning of this. The saint said, “It means you have to long for union intensely, as if you could not live another moment without it, and yet have the patience of billions of years!”

So I say: Long for union and be patient. The longing is a gift of God, so also the grace. You do as I say. Have that longing, then I will help you in it because it is all me. I give from here [pointing to his heart] and I receive from there [pointing to their hearts]. Remember love in its highest aspect is God.
–, p2167

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