“Obey my first word without questions or suggestions”


The following morning, 20 April 1963, the Bombay group came again, but that day the atmosphere was heavy and gloomy. Baba had fever and looked awful. He told them, “Do not argue before God or be headstrong, for a rock is easily crushed in His hands!” Baba tried to joke with the group, but ended up again stressing the importance of obedience:

This is my way. I tell you to do something. You say, “Baba, such-and-such a thing will happen if I do as you say. What if I do it this way?” Then I will at once say, “All right, do as you please.” For example, I told Kishinchand to sit cross-legged. He said, “Baba, my knees will ache.” So I told him, “All right, you may sit with your legs straight.”

Obey my first word without questions or suggestions. When you do not follow the original instructions given by me, you inevitably make me agree to do as you please. And if anything goes wrong, you blame Baba, saying, “It was done as we said and you concurred.”

-www.lordmeher.org, p4955
April, 1963, Guruprasad


“I do not want anything else from you but the gift of your obedience. Give me that and you will free yourself from the bondage of ignorance.”

(www.lordmeher.org, p4687)

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