“So feel, then speak with conviction”



The Japanese man Hitaka had returned from Calcutta, and Baba ordered him to keep silence from midnight that night to […]

Types of Conviction

As we noted earlier, all faith is based on intellect, and there can be no faith without intellectual conviction. Let’s review again […]

Conviction comes from inner experience

One of the greatest things to possess is faith, which ultimately leads to conviction; and from conviction one day arises realization.

There are no […]

Attitudes for aspirants – Faith: Transition from faith to conviction

Eventually, faith must give way to conviction, for after all, faith is only faith. There are two kinds of experience—external and internal. External experience […]

“Be resolved to hold fast to my daaman” – Part 1


Two days later, a three-hour meeting of the mandali and 32 men from Bombay, Poona and Ahmednagar was held at Meherazad on Sunday, […]

Intellectual conviction

During Baba’s stay in Sydney, he also gave an interview to a journalist named Donald Inram Smith. Their conversation was tape recorded, Eruch interpreting […]

Internal Conviction

There are two kinds of experiences – one external and one internal. The external experience can be had by gross means. What we actually […]

20130527 – Better not to believe in God than be a hypocrite!

On May 12th, Dr. Vinod from New York, who knew the Winterfeldts, saw Baba at 8:15 A.M. He was a Hindu and part […]