“They are poor, but their hearts are clean”


The following day, Baba again spent time with his Hamirpur lovers. They were all poor, but had made the long and costly journey […]

“You can draw me in my Real Form through love”


After spending a short while in his room, Baba was brought to the hall where the Hamirpur group had gathered, including several people […]

Sribhai was the first person from Hamirpur District to come in the Master’s contact


After this significant mast work, Baba left Lahore a week later, on Thursday, 12 August 1943, on the Punjab Mail, accompanied by Chanji, […]

04 Oct 2012 – [Honesty] Baba seeks pardon from the owner of ber trees

There were many ber fruit trees in Ichhuara (in Hamirpur district)– so many that the sour, cherry-sized fruit had no saleable value. Gustadji, who especially […]