Balancing the thoughts of the mind and the feelings of the heart

To help others through one’s own example, one must get not only thoroughly drenched but drowned in love. As a prelude one should attempt […]

Act in preference to your heart over mind


[A questioner speaks of the conflict between emotion and discretion]

Baba: When the intellect discards the dictates of conscience, or when the heart […]

Discretion and emotion


“When the intellect discards the dictates of conscience, or when the heart does not respond to what the intellect says, there is disharmony. So […]

What is mind? What is heart?

Baba put two questions to us all:

“What is mind? What is heart?”

It set us to thinking. Some tried to express what they […]

Judgment of the heart should be given preference

The next morning, Baba asked Jean in detail about the Harmon house, and she placed before him all the difficulties they had passed through […]

“Every minute of a man’s life is a sort of minor war”

On the 24th, a 60-year-old man came to see Baba and said, “Although I have had many minor turning points in my life, […]

The New Life: Caring for the voice of the heart and be deaf to the promptings of the mind

It is not merely a question of hardships and difficulties like those encountered in mast trips. The most difficult thing now is the need […]

“The virtues of a man are nullified by a streak of pride”

It is best if there is a balance between the head and the heart, but to combine them and keep them balanced is almost […]

The struggle goes on between the mind and the heart

Once a bank manager, a kindhearted person, came for darshan. Baba told him:

God is not to be argued about. Mere arguing will take […]

Mind’s false ego – Part 4

When the false ego is effaced, God manifests and plurality is merged in Unity forever.

This is the Real Experience. If such a One […]