Creating something new by his own inner vision

Truly happy people are rare in spite of the smiles which are usually the brave front for varying degrees of internal misery. Yet everywhere […]

When you in me resign

Once a friend near suicide calls to Him in despair.  At that time she was in America […]

Inner guidance based on the solid foundation of being His

[Here are some helpful points from Eruch on how we should lead our lives in tune with Beloved Baba’s inner guidance]

You want to […]

“Henceforth … I will give you internal guidance.”

Baba went into deeper seclusion in 1968, and although He went to Guruprasad for the summer months as usual, not […]

The prayers


During this period Baba sent a circular to His lovers all over the world, saying that He wanted them to repeat The Parvardigar […]