How to increase love

To their query on how to increase love, Baba directed them,

“By thinking […]

You become what you think of deeply

On Sunday, 22 September, Baba asked the women, “Who was it who said, ‘Unless you lose yourself, you cannot find […]

Practical way to develop love

On the 9th, during his interview, Walter’s brother Oscar asked, “What hinders me from being a better and […]

The practical way for the common man to express this love

God does not listen to the language of the tongue, which constitutes japa, zikra,  mantras and devotional songs. He does not listen to the […]

Love can be awakened by constant thinking of the Master

On May 1st, Baba concluded a discourse with the [Prem ashram] boys by stating, […]

Nature of Love: “The price of knowing me is love, pure and simple”

How to begin[to increase this feeling or devotion for Baba]?

Remember me before starting and after finishing […]

Divine Grace leads to Pure Love – Part 3 (Final)

Yogis in the Himalayas with their long eyelashes and beards meditating for years, sitting in samadhi, they […]

Love God

Afterwards, he invited all his lovers into the room. They sat down around him as the blinds […]

“You have to take love into your heart”

The next day, Nadine brought her husband Ilya, the son of Leo Tolstoy and himself an author. Ilya asked Baba, […]