Love [7]: Spiritual preparation for grace


The descent of the grace of the Master is conditioned, however, by the preliminary spiritual preparation of the aspirant. This preliminary […]

Love [6]: Pure love awakened through grace

Infatuation, lust, and greed constitute a spiritual malady, which is often rendered more virulent by the aggravating symptoms of anger and jealousy. […]

Love [5]: Love and greed


Love is equally different from greed. Greed is possessiveness in all its gross and subtle forms. It seeks to appropriate persons […]

Love [5]: Love and lust


Love is also different from lust. In lust there is reliance upon a sensual object and consequent spiritual subordination of oneself to it, […]

Love [4]: The lower forms are the enemy of the higher


These lower forms of love obstruct the release of pure love. If consciousness is caught in the rhythm of the lower, it cannot […]

Love [3]: Lower forms of love

Human love makes its appearance in the matrix of ego-consciousness, which has countless desires. Love is colored by these factors in many ways. And […]

Love [2]: Human love has to adjust to reason


Human love is much higher than all these lower forms of love because human beings have fully developed consciousness. Though human […]

Love [1]: Love pervades universe


Life and love are inseparable from each other. Where there is life, there is love. Even the most rudimentary consciousness is […]

Meaning of Sahavas – Part 1


After embracing most of those gathered, Baba stated his explanations for the meaning of sahavas:

The meaning of sahavas is physical proximity, to […]

“Without this love, life is not worth living”

We should dedicate our life to God or the Perfect Master. This means that we should dedicate our happiness and sufferings, our virtues and […]