Selfishness [3] – Lust, greed, anger

The chief forms in which the frustrated ego finds expression are lust, greed, and anger.

Lust is very much like greed in many respects; but it […]

You should always be alert and ready for battle

Perhaps you might think, “Why doesn’t Baba save us from committing sins, despite knowing everything?”

Before you do any wrong action, I already know […]

The challenge of lust

During a discussion with the mandali about overcoming lust that day, Baba narrated the following allegory:

There was once a fight between Energy and […]

“Continue to remember me”

After one of the songs, a devotee sitting close to Baba said, “Baba, for many years I have been following you, thinking […]

Keep Your Mind Quiet, Steady, and Firm – Part 4 (Final)

To illustrate what he had been talking about, Shri [Baba] called up one of the mandali, who stood before him. he proceeded […]

Keep Your Mind Quiet, Steady, and Firm – Part 3

What are these devils? They are: egoism (false ahankar); kam (desire/passion); krodh (anger); and lobh (avarice).

(1) Of these four, egoism or […]

Backbiting incurs burden of sanskaras of others


While discoursing to the group, Baba explained to them:

Of the three most important things to be eliminated before attaining God-Realization – greed, […]