The need for intelligent discrimination based on lasting values [Part 1/2]

Sleep is the means by which the mind withdraws temporarily from the pressure exerted by its age-old load of impressions and desires…

In spite […]

The number of hours one sleeps is acquired by habit

On the 7th, Baba spoke about sleep:

The number of hours one sleeps is acquired by habit; it is not a “necessity.” In fact, […]

How to get sound sleep


The topic then turned to sleep. Baba revealed to the mandali how to enjoy sound sleep and thereby maintain good health:

Body consciousness of ordinary human being, lover of God and the Avatar


It is but natural for the human body on this gross plane to fall ill. But when one loses oneself in the love […]

Heart, Mind and Sanskaras – Part 3

I now go back to the first point and return to this later. The original state of the Beginningless Beginning […]