Longs to reach the Source of knowledge

The Catholic principal of St. Vincent’s High School in Poona, the Reverend E. R. D’Souza, sent a letter to Baba saying that since Baba […]

20130216 – Message to students – Love is the essence – Part 2 (final)

There is an unquestionable equality about all men in the flesh, yet no two men are alike. In spite of the one sun that […]

20130215 – Message to students – True culture is the result of spiritual values assimilated in life – Part 1


S. M. Fossil arranged for Baba to visit a local high school. For those students, local artists, social workers and those associated with […]

20130111 – Message to the youth – Part 2 (final)


Do not balk at the discipline given by your parents and teachers. Discipline in small ways leads to the greater necessary discipline of […]

20130110 – Message to the youth – Part 1


[During the visit to the St Mira School, Poona, Baba gave this message to the students.]

The youth of today is the ruling […]

20121121 – How to search for God

Baba with Meher Ashram school children


On November 25th, Meher Baba discoursed to the ashram boys about love for God:

God […]