Time and Work Are Necessary for the Preparation of a Circle โ€“ Part 2

Realization comes at its proper time through the Guru’s grace. The seeds (bij) are sown, but time is required for their growth. […]

Time and Work Are Necessary for the Preparation of a Circle – Part 1

Hafez has elucidated all of the facts discussed so far, as well as other points to be gone into now. In splendid style. Continuing […]

Qualifications of the Aspirant: Some Divine Qualities โ€” Guidance from Master

The supreme condition for sure and steady progress on the path is the benefit of guidance from a Perfect Master. The Master gives just […]

“It needs cycles after cycles for just one advanced soul to realize God” – Part 1

At about 5:15 P.M., the card game was stopped, and Baba gave this explanation about fana, baqa and the Sadguru or Qutub’s state. He […]

Being frank and honest in all matters

On 13 May 1960, Baba asked one of his devotees, “Have you read Stay With God?” The woman had a poor excuse of “no […]

Mindโ€™s false ego โ€“ Part 5 (Final)


Tukaram was a Perfect Master. In one of his abhangs [verses of song] he has said:

“The Master, by his grace, […]

20130220 – We don’t spare time for God because we are lured by Maya

Someone questioned Baba, “If it is done with a feeling of devotion, is it bad for a person who has no time to pray […]

12 Sep 2012 – They are like stones and their time has not yet come

A hostel for poor students was situated between the Grafton and Rosewood bungalows. When Baba walked by it daily, the principal and pupils would stand […]