You should be afraid of dishonesty but not weaknesses

Baba observed [referring to the difference of opinions among Hamirpur workers]: “Such differences of opinion among my men have been the same […]

All weaknesses put together can form a tower of strength

Baba then stated: “I am fed up with all this bowing down. Gods bow down to me! So what of human beings? I do […]

Ways to overcome ones weaknesses

Q. Could you show us some means to overcome our weaknesses and faults?

Baba: By selfless service, devotion and love.


“Once I forgive, there is nothing to repent for”

Each man candidly revealed his weaknesses before Baba which satisfied him. Afterward he remarked, […]

“Purity, impurity all disappear when love is one hundred percent”

Adele wolkin with Beloved Baba, Meherazad

Adele [Wolkin] met Baba at 10 […]

“Continue to remember me”


After one of the songs, a devotee sitting close to Baba said, “Baba, for many years I have been following you, […]

To scoop out the impurities

Baba in Andhra tour

[This incident happened in Baba’s second Andhra visit of 1954. Baba […]

“Love for Baba wipes away the mistakes”

“Everyone commits mistakes unless one is Perfect and One with God, but love for […]

“Be happy at once!”



In the early days, Baba would devote an hour or more to help you see the cause of your upset, occasionally making […]

Don’t feel worried about defects

Don’t worry… for what you believe to be your “coldness” or “defects.” Being conscious of these is good, as long as one […]