“You are not obliging him by giving him medicine”

Adi Jr is second from left

Baba’s brother Adi Jr. conducted a homeopathic dispensary in Meherabad periodically, from 1936 to 1944. Once a sick person came to him, but even when he was given medicine, he did not leave. Adi told him graciously, “I have given you your medicine; now you may go.”

The man demanded, “I want good medicine.”

“But this is good medicine,” Adi replied. “It will make you well.”

“Give me some medicine which will cure me instantly,” demanded the man. “You are Baba’s brother, and only you can give such medicine.”

Adi tried to persuade him to leave, but he would not budge. Getting fed up, Adi said, “Brother, kindly leave. Don’t bother me further.” But the man continued sitting there.

Soon Baba came along. Adi explained the situation to Baba, concluding, “This fellow is a real headache!”

Baba replied,

“If he is a headache to you, it is good. You should thank him. He is teaching you forbearance. Be grateful to him. You are not obliging him by giving him medicine. On the contrary, he is obliging you by giving you the chance of serving others.”

-www.lordmeher.org, p2318
Jan, 1943; Meherabad


Photo courtesy: http://www.meherbabatravels.com/his-close-ones/men-1/adi-s-irani/

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