People’s indifference toward things spiritual makes Baba suffer more – Part 1

DURING THIS PERIOD, Mehera’s sister Freiny came to Meherabad from Nasik, still upset at her continued separation from Baba and her virtual isolation in Nasik. Freiny had deep love for Baba and wanted to be with him and the other women mandali, but Baba did not wish to keep her in the ashram because she had family responsibilities to her husband and children.  Baba comforted her, assuring her that he would call her soon. She returned to Nasik.

Discussing this predicament, Baba commented:

The Avatar has to incur upon himself the infinite burden of “worries” of the entire suffering world, while working in the world for the spiritual upliftment of humanity. This suffering of people, steeped in the darkness of ignorance, becomes the Avatar’s suffering. This is his crucifixion. The Avatar is crucified every moment of his life on earth.

But, with this infinite suffering which he has to take upon himself, he also has the infinite bliss of the perfect state, which he eternally experiences. Otherwise, it would be utterly impossible, and he would be literally crushed under the burden of such suffering from all sides. If an ordinary man, however great, were to feel even a thousandth part of the Avatar’s suffering, he would go mad! The Avatar has to bear this burden to lighten the load of the suffering of the world.

Referring to such persons as Freiny, Baba explained:

I have to bear the burden of many cases like hers. But, in dealing with such situations, I have to adopt peculiar methods which people do not understand. On the contrary, such persons as she place obstacles in my ways of working, create more suffering for themselves and add to my suffering. I care for them, save them and redeem them from suffering, by suffering myself!

Freiny has great love for me, but she does not obey me. I keep her at a distance for her own good, but she argues, then fights about it, and her fight becomes my suffering! She fasted, and I ordered her from Jabalpur to break it but she disobeyed. I had to go to Nasik to pacify her and get her to start eating again. But all this I bear, and all this infinite suffering is not even a drop in my ocean of divinity.

–, p2436

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