People’s indifference toward things spiritual makes Baba suffer more – Part 2 (FInal)


Citing an instance to illustrate what he meant, Baba further stated:

Suppose one is bitten by a large scorpion. It causes terrible agony. The person suffers and is even crying due to the pain. Meanwhile, if a tiny ant also bites him elsewhere, what effect would the ant bite have during the agony of a scorpion bite? None. It would be too trivial for thought.

Thus, dealing with these individual problems dumped upon me, however difficult, delicate and unsolvable they might be – to me, they are insignificant and small. As the ant bite is hardly noticeable compared to the sting of a scorpion, so when compared with the burden of suffering of the entire humanity, these individual complicated problems are nothing!

It is my life mission to remove the burden of mankind’s suffering. I have come for this. But really speaking, it is not my work, but the ignorance of people and their underlying indifference toward things spiritual that makes me suffer.
–, p2436

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