20130411 – It is no joke to escape from Maya’s jaws!

Later that same day, Baba explained to the mandali:

The circumstances which you find yourselves placed in are very difficult. On the one hand, […]

20130410 – You must try your hardest to hold on to the feet of Baba – part 2 (final)



You take food with your mouth, digest it and pass the excrement through your rectum. You know this. But does a stone […]

20130409 – You must try your hardest to hold on to the feet of Baba – part 1

Explaining about miracles, Baba pointed out:

It is child’s play for a Sadguru to make the dead come alive, and it is of no […]

20130408 – Once surrendered, Perfect Master takes responsibility to eradicate sanskaras

Later the same day, while explaining about sanskaras, Meher Baba stated:

By keeping company with a God-Realized being, a person’s worldly sanskaras get burned […]

20130407 – Body is cage for the spirit

Remember the story about the parrot who was free from the beginning, but did not know what freedom meant? It was put into a […]

20130406 – Day and night my work goes on

Another activity of Baba’s daily routine in Mussoorie concerned Vishnu. From the early 1920s, Vishnu did the marketing and kept accounts of every paisa […]

20130405 – The need to control emotional outbursts


An Irani named Sheriar Rashid Mehrabanpur, who first heard of Meher Baba in Persia from Baidul, later moved to India. He met the […]

20130404 – Search for the Ideal boy – part 2 (final)

Baba and a few mandali left Nasik for Poona and Bombay on Sunday, May 28th. The search for an ideal boy continued […]

20130403 – Search for the Ideal boy – part 1

MEHER BABA’S continuous search for the “ideal” or “perfect boy” began in the Meher Ashram in 1927 and lasted until 1958. A search for […]

20130401 – The worries and troubles of the world are due to thoughts

Hafiz has compared the body with a pot, the soul with smoke, and the sanskaras with a huge stone lying on top of the […]