How can you annihilate your own self? – Part 1/2

One day a distinguished looking man came to garland and bow down to Baba. He said, “I have read God Speaks so many […]

How will you get rid of this false self?

Continuing on the subject of honesty, one day Baba gave this discourse:

Absolute honesty is essential in one’s search for God – for Truth. […]

How can I be honest?



“How can I be honest?” one of the visitors asked.

[First,] become honest with yourself. There should not be the slightest tinge […]

Firm faith

Baba pointed out that those who have firm faith and belief in him never find cause to be worried: “The question of […]

“This whole creation is the outcome of the mind”

Baba then explained to Dedolchow about this imaginary creation: “Close your eyes and imagine a ten-headed elephant. (Dedolchow did so.) Now when you open […]

Surrender impure thoughts to Baba

Baba embraced them and asked Dedolchow about his difficulties, and he described the rigors of life at sea as a merchant marine. He also […]

“Nothing can ever be serious except lack of love for me”

Ala Sathiraju of Kovvur sent a telegram to Baba that he was undergoing an operation because his condition was serious. On March 8th, Baba […]

Meaning of real service

During nightwatch at this time, two incidents occurred. Bhau was having terrible anal-fistula trouble and could not sit for long periods.

One night, the […]

That which comes from the heart is the true arti

[During Baba’s visit to Arangaon…]

Jangle’s eleven-year-old daughter, Prabha, began to sing Baba’s arti melodiously. Overcome with emotion, tears began streaming down her cheeks […]