“Real happiness never changes or ceases”

[Personal Interviews with Baba: The son of one of Baba’s disciples]

Q. How could I have happiness ?

Baba: Everyone in […]

“Anything that is done with love has perfect results”

[Personal Interviews with Baba: A doctor and her sister]

Q. How can one be a good doctor and use medical science best […]

Opposition helps

An artist, a very fine man and much interested.

Q. Explains that he has waited for this meeting. He has encountered opposition […]

“Think much of others, and very little of yourself”

[Personal Interviews with Baba: A woman who just looks at Baba.]

After a time of silence, Baba says: In reality, from the spiritual viewpoint, […]

“It is always the outlook that counts, and not the object”

[Personal Interviews with Baba: A nurse who has some fears in life which she discloses to Baba]

Q. Oh, I am so […]

Bringing the best out of you

[Personal Interviews with Baba: A woman with her son, an actor]

Q. How can one achieve one’s ambition ? He (pointing to […]

Truth is infinitely simple

When Baba had boarded the Circassia, he had glanced at the other passengers and remarked to Norina, “One sincere soul will be […]

As long as the ‘link’ with Baba is maintained we are safe

Baba in a train in Andhra Darshan tour, 1953

Bandili B. Bapiraju related several of his miraculous experiences, saying they were sufficient […]

Simple life means a life of desirelessness

Meher Baba’s painting by Julian Lamar, 1932*

One day, explaining to Cath about leading a “simple” life, Baba observed:

People always make […]

The difference between the state of a majzoob, Perfect Master, and an ordinary man

In explaining the difference between the state of a majzoob, Perfect Master, and an ordinary man, Baba gave this simile:

For example, […]