Ignorance is the medium to help us comprehend the Infinite

Question: Can the finite mind realize the Infinite?

Baba: There is nothing like finite. Even now, when you think that you are finite, your […]

Hypnotism vs Spiritual upliftment


Question: Many people accuse you of mass hypnotism. Can you explain?


Baba: In mass hypnotism by others, the effect on […]

How can I have happiness?



Question. How can I have happiness ?

Baba: Everyone in the world, consciously or unconsciously, seeks happiness in one form or […]

Baba’s ways of working


Question: Baba, I am intrigued by your ways of working. Could you please explain?


Baba: There are three principal ways in which […]

“The light is just behind the apparent darkness”

Question: It is through many reverses in life that one learns and finds light. I learned a lot from this, and besides got time […]

Nearness to the Beloved destroys the less noble aspects of nature

Question: You have said that to keep the love of your disciples for you unalloyed, you must humor the less noble aspects […]

The Universal work of the Avatar produces a reflex action


Question: What are the psychic, mental, and spiritual reactions to preserving silence as you have done for so long, and in […]

“Turning the key”


Question: What is meant by “turning the key”? And what effect does it have on the lives of those to whom it is […]

“I wish you to be free once and forever”

Question: Is it impertinent to ask why you are focusing our attention on such a high goal rather than showing us the lower planes […]

“Blessed are they who are prepared to assert that right in this very life”




Question: Shall we, who dare not entertain what to us is the presumptuous hope of attaining Realization at this point in […]