A tangible expression of the universal suffering

[About Satara automobile accident …]

When someone asked Baba, “Why should these things happen? Why can’t you avert them?” his reply was: “What […]

A blessing for the universe, and a curse for Baba

“Last evening when the pain was bad, Baba said, ‘The accident has been a blessing for the universe, and a curse for Baba.’


“To break the backbone of the material aspect of the Machine Age”

While driving to Meherabad (on 5 February 1959), Baba referred to his two accidents*. Baba revealed their purpose when he stated to Eruch:

The difference between remembering Baba’s name and actually saying it out loud

[At another time in 1930s, Baba advised how to remember Him when we face wild animals or during any mishap] Baba advised:

If you […]