Baba publicly declares His Avatarhood

Baba publicly declared His Avatarhood after the mid-night of Feb 9, 1954 (that is, on 10 Feb 1954) in this hut at Mahewa, Hamirpur.

At 20 minutes to midnight, Baba asked everyone to wash his face and hands and be present in ten minutes for the prayers. Baba also washed […]

“Remember to always take my name when anything untoward is about to happen.”

On the first day of the sahavas, November 4th 1955, along the way from Meherazad to Meherabad, Baba picked up Meherjee Satha at Akbar Press. As the car wended its way to Meherabad, suddenly a buffalo turned in front of them, and Eruch hit the brakes. The car swerved and was narrowly saved from […]

“To break the backbone of the material aspect of the Machine Age”

While driving to Meherabad (on 5 February 1959), Baba referred to his two accidents*. Baba revealed their purpose when he stated to Eruch:

“I got my physical bones broken so as to break the backbone of the material aspect of the Machine Age, keeping intact its spiritual aspect.”

–, […]

“Suffering should be for something worthwhile, and not for selfishness or weakness”

A finely dressed man came to see Baba and prayed to him for guidance on the path. Baba asked him, “For what do you want this guidance?”

The man confessed, “I have incurred numerous debts to maintain my family in comfort; now the debts are weighing on me like a great mountain. They pierce […]

The more fortunate woman

Once at Guruprasad, two women happened to arrive at the same time and requested permission to meet Baba. One was an Indian and the other was from the Netherlands. Baba called the Indian inside first, and after some time she came out happy and radiant at seeing Baba and having had his darshan. Just […]

“Love can wipe away every weakness, every mistake” – Part 1

Margaret Scott saw Baba again the following morning at 10:40 A.M. At this meeting Margaret asked, “Why did you say yesterday that I have not changed?”

Baba replied: “You loved me when you last saw me, and you love me now, so you have not changed. You thought I meant you have not tried, […]

“My Krishna, my Beloved Krishna – how merciful you are!”

Meher Baba as Lord Krishna

[A wonderful incident happened on the Diwali day in 1950 during New Life]

TRAVELLING FARTHER SOUTH, Baba and his companions arrived in Madras (now called ‘Chennai’), where a thorough search was made to locate more families. Three destitute families were found. Baba washed […]

A brief account of the Manonash work at Hyderabad during New Life period

Group photo – Baba with participants of ‘The Hyderabad Meeting’ (June, 1951)

Manonash work is the culmination of New Life. Manonash (or Man-o-nash) means ‘annihilation of mind’. The Manonash phase of work started at Khojaguda cave, Hyderabad. Baba stayed in Hyderabad from 27 May to 24 Oct 1951 during New Life. During […]

“Don’t allow this devil [anger] to invade your nut!”


Baba visited the site often. On 22 March 1948, he went there along with Adi Sr., Pendu, Padri and Goher. Padri was supervising Mahiboob (carpenter/contractor) in fitting the plumbing to the new buildings. Baba insisted that he speed up the work. From the 27th, Vishnu began staying at Pimpalgaon to help oversee the […]

“You are not alone. I am with you.”

Will Backett embracing Baba, 1954

During the months following the death of his wife, Mary, Will Backett in London had found it difficult to adjust to living without her and was in poor health. That year would have been his and Mary’s 50th wedding anniversary. To console him, Baba sent him many […]