To see all as brothers, try to see Baba in them


Another New Yorker was Harry Hettger, who had come to Myrtle Beach by bus. When Baba saw him briefly, at 3:40 P.M. […]

Removing ‘the dirty water’ within us



There was a small tank-like pond in the Prem Basera compound, but no pipeline to fill it. Men were […]

“I was doing my work through you”


Baba in Sakori, 1957


Baba had previously instructed Pukar to travel throughout Hamirpur district and spread his message. He also asked for […]

“Be an instrument of God and serve humanity”

Dr. Ginde came almost every weekend to see Baba at Guruprasad. During one visit, he described to Baba how he had operated on a […]

“It will result in benefit to the whole world”


[On this day in 1952 Avatar Meher Baba met with an automobile accident that resulted in spilling HIS blood in America]


A devotee’s account: A complete metamorphosis took place in my life



Baba’s words held particular significance for a new lover from Calcutta named Panchu Gopal Nandi, 45, a devout Hindu who […]

Don’t just try but do your best!


Once Baba wrote to Delia to arrange something very difficult. Delia sent this telegram”:I will try.”

Baba cabled back immediately, “Leave it.” Delia […]

Instantaneous obedience


One night, after conversing with the mandali as usual after dinner, Baba ordered all to go to their respective rooms to […]

“Do you know why I descend on earth?”


Earnest replies to Baba’s circular issued before his fast, asking whether or not his […]

The safest way to the Goal is to submit to Baba through love

In the Lagoon Cabin at 5:05 P.M., Baba met Michael and Ann Kohanow, a couple in their late thirties, and explained the three types […]