The Amartithi: β€œThe shop will now be opened!”

On Thursday morning, January 9, while Baba was sitting outside relaxing, taking his sunbath, he mentioned Jesus and the apostles to Adi Jr. and […]

20130203 – Events of January 1969 – Part 11 (final)

By 4:30 A.M., on February 7, all had gathered at the Tomb. Twenty minutes later the women mandali entered. Everyone stood and repeatedly sang, […]

20130202 – Events of January 1969 – Part 10

There was no electricity in Meherabad then, but sufficient illumination was provided. The ancient lamp of God was lighting the way for His pilgrims, […]

20130201 – Events of January 1969 – Part 9

The women mandali returned to Meherazad at midnight. Padri and Chhagan stayed inside the Tomb the entire night as scores of people lined up […]

20130131 – Events of January 1969 – Part 8

When Baba was informed that Dr. Ginde had still not arrived, he sent Aloba to phone Adi at his office, telling him to phone […]

20130130 – Events of January 1969 – Part 7

The night of January 30, Baba rested for four hours, sleeping for two and a half hours. At 3:45 A.M. he called Eruch, Pendu, […]

20130129 – Events of January 1969 – Part 6

The doctor (Dr Grant) left, and the shocks again attacked Baba’s body. Eruch, Pendu, Francis and Bhau were in Baba’s room and they held […]

20130128 – Events of January 1969 – Part 5

At one point, referring to Baba’s book, which had not been seen since 1958, Eruch asked, “What about your book?” Baba assured him, “It […]

20130127 – Events of January 1969 – Part 4


DURING BHAU’S WATCH on the night of the 24th, Baba gestured to him, “Listen carefully to what I say. I am giving you […]

20130126 – Events of January 1969 – Part 3

Baba would sit up for only 15 or 20 minutes, and then the men would slowly help him lie down. So when Nariman and […]