No one wins, no one loses

The conditions that prevail in the world today are the cause of its suffering. […]

World peace

Everywhere today man is rightfully occupied with the problem of world peace. If there […]

The futility of false values in life

Later that day, January 6th, Baba remarked about the [Second world] war and India:

The greatest lesson that this war has taught to all […]

In all of them there is the one Infinite God



[Personal interviews]

Q: Will world conditions take a better turn?

Baba: Yes, it has to.

Q: Will there be an understanding […]

Wars – a necessary evil to awaken humanity to higher values

Though it seems difficult, humanity has to emerge out of this dreadful war with unimpaired spiritual integrity, with hearts free from the poison of […]

Wars – The root cause is egoism and selfishness

The spiritual unity of all souls remains inviolable in spite of all wars; and from the point of view of ultimate reality, it remains […]

Wars – Not an unmixed evil

War can at best be only a means to an end; it can never be an end, in itself. It is, therefore, imperatively necessary […]

“Be resolved to hold fast to my daaman” – Part 2

I have already warned you of the dark cloud that I clearly see hovering over me. I have been referring to it in one […]