What is meant by giving up ones life – Part 2

Baba asked Nilu what his reactions would be under these three circumstances. Nilu replied, “I will accept being a king in Persia and a sweeper in Africa, but I would not like to beg.”

“Have you any responsibility left?” Baba asked him, and emphasized, “It is not love if you have not relinquished all responsibility completely.”

Baba continued at length:

In obedience, only one thought of acceptance remains. One willing to obey 100 percent has no thought of one’s self, relations or of anything else for 24 hours a day, except the will of the Master. The Master’s order, his movement, his will or any other action of his are not like those of an ordinary person. To live such a life is really not practical because the Master has no “will” to express. The will of the Master is spontaneous. This “will” is something quite different, which a very, very few from among rare ones can satisfy for 24 hours. For such a hero, the Master’s words, indications and movements are, in fact, the Master’s will. If the Master does not speak with him, that too is the Master’s will.

If the Master orders one to cut someone’s throat, the rare one will unquestioningly, without even the thought of why, do it. Such a rare one is not concerned with the consequence of such an order but takes it only as his will. Others may also act accordingly, but in their hearts they have a thought that the Master’s order is a test for them, or that it is for their spiritual upliftment. Under such circumstances, there is no question of the will of the Master.

–Lord Meher (First Ed), p4142

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