“Hold fast to my daaman has most meaning”

Baba showing the sadra as a sign of daaman

“Your mind will play many […]

On merging with Baba

Nadine Tolstoy (Nadia) with Baba

Nadine asked Baba, “What it is like for you to feel yourself […]

He begged Baba to be allowed to obey

Francis then read Baba’s discourse about Hafiz advising seekers to “step out of the boundary of one’s own nature” and what it means to […]

Obedience leads to grace

Eternally, God is the only One, never changing. God never changes. Everything else changes. It is all a passing show. Yesterday has passed; today […]

“This (Real) Love is higher than both obedience and devotion”

At one point, Baba again warned that continually thinking of how to get rid of the ego […]

Simple way made complicated – Part 2 (Final)

Baba continued:

How very complicated a simple thing has been made! I am giving you a […]

“By repeatedly bringing to you the importance of obedience”

“I am God – God the Beyond and God in human form. I draw you ever closer […]

Obedience brings one directly to God

“Complete remembrance of God, honesty in action, making no one unhappy, being […]


At Meherazad, from 10 February 1959, Baba began dictating points to Eruch for explanations and discourses to be read out at the sahavas. In […]

“Obey me heartily and happily”



“Even the very gods are pleased with those who obey implicitly. To obey me, regarding me as a Sadguru or […]