The New Life: Baba’s Sermon – Part-1


Being just now in the Old Life for these few hours, I will tell you what I feel to be the established divine […]

Conclusive part of Manonash – β€œAll rites, rituals and ceremonies are hereby consumed in the flames.”

Baba stepped out of his cabin at 7:00 P.M.[ on 31st January 1952] and the dhuni was lit. Eruch read the following […]

67th Anniversary of Avatar Meher Baba Manonash work, Manonash Cave, Hyderabad

The veil must be ripped off

Later that day, Pleader came and questioned Baba about God-realization. The Master explained:

Before Realization, the veil must be torn away and […]

Beware of pride

Dastur entered, and a prolonged and heated discussion followed, in which Dastur angrily shouted his opinion. Baba admonished him, “What you […]

Qualities of the Ideal Boy

[Right from 1920s Baba was always on the look-out for ‘the Ideal boy‘ (also good boy, perfect boy, udley) in different places in the […]

The meaning of faith is that one is not shaken by anything – part 2 (final)

You are mine. You have faith in me. I gave you advice and you lost money by carrying it out. If people say that […]

The meaning of faith is that one is not shaken by anything – part 1

On 27 September, Nadir Dastur came to Meherabad. In the course of a private conversation, he complained that he had lost […]

How to remain attached to Baba – Part 2 (Final)


Baba replied, “If you try, you will be deserving of my grace. I am the Infinite Ocean of Mercy and to shower […]

How to remain attached to Baba – Part 1

Back in Dehra Dun, while conversing with the mandali one day, Baba explained to Kishan Singh, using the metaphor of a […]