12 Oct 2012 – [Honesty] Honesty is the light on the inner path

Honesty is the keynote to Divinity. He who can love God honestly can lose himself in God, and […]

11 Oct 2012 – [Honesty] For relief from suffering – Live honestly, act honestly, think honestly


At 2:25 P.M. Baba spelt on the alphabet board for one of the persons at the darshan:

“God is equally within us all, […]

10 Oct 2012 – [Honesty] Hypocrisy spoils Baba’s work

ON MAY 17th, about two hundred people from Andhra arrived in Poona to spend the weekend in Poona and absorb the presence of Baba. The […]

09 Oct 2012 – [Honesty] Do not pose


The following day, Baba informed some visitors, “Let your heart be pure. Do not act outwardly what you are […]

Speak from your heart

Two years before, when Lud Dimpfl had met Baba in Myrtle Beach, although he felt happy to meet the Avatar, he felt perplexed as […]

08 Oct 2012 – [Honesty] How can I be honest?



“How can I be honest?” one of the visitors asked.

First, become honest with yourself. There should not be the […]

07 Oct 2012 – [Honesty] Professional honesty


Eruch: There was once a lawyer who came to Baba. You know the profession of a lawyer, its noted disregard for actual truth. […]

06 Oct 2012 – [Honesty] Honesty in service


Baba bathing leper at Pandharpur, 7 Nov 1954


After the meals, Sastri informed Baba that were it not […]

05 Oct 2012 – [Honesty] The only sin which God does not forgive is hypocrisy


… Baba commented, “The only sin which God does not forgive is hypocrisy. The hypocrite deceives himself and others too.

“These […]

04 Oct 2012 – [Honesty] Baba seeks pardon from the owner of ber trees

There were many ber fruit trees in Ichhuara (in Hamirpur district)– so many that the sour, cherry-sized fruit had no saleable value. Gustadji, who especially […]