“To avoid unnecessary complications unconsciously made”


On May 19th, as planned, Baba sent Dr. Donkin, Nilu, Meherjee, Gustadji and Adi to drive across America in […]

God and Maya


Baba called all together the next day, and gave an explanation on God and Maya, which answered their question. Some, however, did mention […]

We must seek God in everyday life


To a group Baba stated:

I really am happy to see you today. Let me tell you this fact: there is nothing to […]

“The greatest service one can render to humanity is to make them feel this Reality”


Toni Roothbert said, “I am only happy when I can do something for people. There is not even a hospital here … ”


Message to the youth – “Let their watchwords always be Love and Service”


Previously, on August 3rd, Meher Baba had dictated the following message, which was published in the September issue of the Indian magazine […]

Fred and Ella Winterfeldt – Part 4 (Final)

Baba had informed them to come again the next day at 4 P.M. At that meeting he continued:

I know you are […]

Fred and Ella Winterfeldt – Part 3 (“all eventually comes to me”)

Fred (with spects) behind Baba


Baba explained to the Winterfeldts how he had changed the Sufi order, and commented:

Norina is […]

Fred and Ella Winterfeldt – Part 2 (“In the fire of love, all dirt is automatically consumed”)


Fred, who prided himself on his detached powers of reasoning, was trying to analyze what was going on.

Fred described what happened:

Baba […]

Fred and Ella Winterfeldt – Part 1

Fred with Baba


One devoted couple, who met Baba for the first time during his visit to Myrtle Beach, was Fred […]

Selfless service to little children is tantamount to rendering service directly to God

Goma Ganesh Pathak, one of the former teachers of the Meher Ashram school, was doing social work in Ahmednagar and would come to see […]