“Deathless Living”

Don Stevens read Baba’s message “Deathless Living,” and afterwards Baba stated:

It is the birthright of every human being to be happy, but most […]

“Love God”

Afterwards, he invited all his lovers into the room. They sat down around him as the blinds were drawn open and Lowell Shaw, Charmian […]

“Keep your mind quiet, steady and firm”


“Keep your mind quiet, steady and firm.

Do not submit to desires, but try to control them.


“The prayer that God hears is the prayer of the heart”

Afterwards, Baba had Eruch explain:

… When you come before him, you have many things which you would like to say to him; but, […]

Once you come to know that this body is not you, then that veil of ignorance is lifted


After one woman sang a song, Baba dictated:

One who hears the music of God in his heart – such wonderful music, for […]

On obeying Baba

On the way to India, Clarice Adams had been pondering the inevitable question Baba asked his lovers, “Will you obey me?” She thought: “Would […]

On fulfilling ones family responsibilities


Meanwhile, Baba called an inspector of police named K. S. Savant and his wife, Hemlata, to Satara, and they arrived on the morning […]

“How fine it would be were you to heighten your feeling for others and act accordingly”

…Look after your family and carry out your daily obligations; but do not become attached to them, and think of me as many times […]

Body consciousness of ordinary human being, lover of God and the Avatar


It is but natural for the human body on this gross plane to fall ill. But when one loses oneself in the love […]

The Real Work – Part 3 (Final)

Baba then cited the instance of Vibhuti, who came to him in 1925, before Baba began observing silence.

Vibhuti stayed here, did nam-japa [repetition […]