“This (Real) Love is higher than both obedience and devotion”


At one point, Baba again warned that continually thinking of how to get rid of the ego and how to merge in the […]

Give in for the sake of harmony


… There are bound to be differences, but one or the other of you must give in. One of you must give in. […]

“I am so often misunderstood in my human aspect”

Baba at Pandu Lena Caves, Nasik

At the Pandu Lena Caves [Nasik], Baba took them to each of the 22 caves, and in some […]

“Divinity is not devoid of humanity”

Baba having meal with Westerners, Nasik, 1937. Garrett Fort is seated next to Baba.

Garrett was full of questions about what […]

The Universal Work of Baba – Part 3 (Final): The difficulty of imparting spiritual training because of human weaknesses

In this manner, so many have been trained during all these years so that the Hindus, Mohammedans, Parsis and Christians in all of the […]

The Universal Work of Baba – Part 2: “I have to come in contact with all kinds of people of all religions, countries and creeds”

Even Sadgurus, such as Sai Baba, Babajan and Upasni Maharaj, do not have as much opposition as I have. It is because their duties […]

The Universal Work of Baba – Part 1: “My duty is to take you out of the clutches of maya”

Baba at Mysore with the Mandali


On 14 April, Baba discussed matters with the mandali and stated, “I am Paramatma […]

“The effects and fruits of my work and manifestation will grow gradually”


[When a press reporter asked Baba about the Manifestation of His Work if it would be sudden or gradual, Baba replied:]

“Gradually, like […]