Godubai would continually forget to bring up the subject with Baba

Nana Kher, 28, of Nagpur was a friend of Eruch’s. He had been interested in spirituality from childhood, particularly the stories of Ram and […]

“I am not a ‘good man,’ I am God-Man!”

Irene Conybeare, Francis and Olla Goldney were seated behind Baba during the poor program. Olla had always been somewhat reserved toward Baba, but when […]

Infinite compassion through infinite cruelty

During July, the impending sahavas congregation was discussed, and Pendu became the target of Baba’s “arrows.” Although Pendu was still unable to walk unassisted, […]

Emergence of higher consciousness is gradual

Someone asked, “Do persons on the spiritual planes of consciousness take birth having consciousness of the same plane?” Baba replied:

Yes, but the emergence […]

The difference between remembering Baba’s name and actually saying it out loud

[At another time in 1930s, Baba advised how to remember Him when we face wild animals or during any mishap] Baba advised:

If you […]

Baba warns against in-fighting and criticism among His lovers

Vibhuti and Babadas were active in informing people about the darshan several days beforehand, but at the same time were quarreling among themselves. Baba […]

Sribhai was the first person from Hamirpur District to come in the Master’s contact


After this significant mast work, Baba left Lahore a week later, on Thursday, 12 August 1943, on the Punjab Mail, accompanied by Chanji, […]

“In order to keep my will, you should not mind even if the whole world turns against you!”


Waman Padale used to come to Meherazad every Sunday on Adi’s scooter, and he would come other days as well if there were […]