Manonash (Annihilation of mind) – Part 1

Baba started the Manonash phase of His inner work at Khajaguda (Khojaguda) cave, Hyderabad and ended it at Meherazad Tembi Hill duriing […]

“And there comes a time when one longs to reach the Source of knowledge”

The Catholic principal of St. Vincent’s High School in Poona, the Reverend E. R. D’Souza, sent a letter to Baba saying that since Baba […]

“It is your doing it for me that counts”

Westerners with Baba, 1937

On Thursday, 1 April 1937, Baba gave a very interesting discourse to the Westerners, explaining that they should always […]

“Baba reminds his lovers to hold his daaman firmly”

In a letter from Guruprasad two days later, Eruch conveyed:

Beloved Baba wants all his dear lovers to note that by November end 1967 […]

“What is important is that they should stick to my daaman in spite of their quarrels.”

Maimoona asked why Baba lovers sometimes quarrel amongst themselves. Baba replied, “The twelve apostles of Jesus also fought with each other. Baba lovers fight […]

“Hold on tightly and take my name constantly”

Explaining about Realization, Baba continued:

There are two ways of realizing God. The first method is through love for Beloved God. But this path […]

NEWS: Avatar Meher Baba Malkajigiri Centre (New Building) Inauguration

Avatar Meher Baba Malkajigiri Centre (New Building) Inauguration will be held on 19 Oct 2015.

The programme is being attended by AMBPPCT Chairman Sridhar […]

“If you ask Me and don’t expect an answer, then that prayer reaches Me”

All the time pray to Me — it is good to pray. But the prayer that reaches Me is not a long list of […]

“…when I speak, that law will be kept aside because the spiritual push will be universal”

Of the 56 God-realized souls [on earth], the five Perfect Masters are the most important; and the One who is the highest of all […]

“… no sacrifice will be too great for the work I entrusted to you.”

Bill Le Page with Baba

During Bill Le Page’s stay, Baba instructed him to move to Avatar’s Abode from Sydney with his […]