Be a true ‘sportsman’ in the game of life

Baba playing cricket

On 14 January, Baba sent this message for the Andhra Pradesh Sports Council’s third annual track and field competition:

When an […]

How work should be done


Do whatever needs to be done, but do it as a spiritual being, as one who knows he is divine by nature and […]

“Go and tell the world that I am God in human form!”

To one devotee who wished that Baba would give him some specific duty, Baba stated, “Go and tell the world that I am God […]

The sufferings of closed consciousness

“The perennial spring of imperishable sweetness is within everyone. Yet, if man does not release that spring by removing the ego-blockade, he inevitably suffers […]

“I do everything for such a person”

“… and still you are thinking about it. You must have complete faith in me. When an individual has 100 percent faith in me […]

Life at crossroads

And on the 14th, Baba wrote to a woman named Tamara who had been deceived by a charlatan who claimed to be […]

Sam knew that it was Baba’s hand which had saved them


Sam Kerawala behind Baba next Dhake Phalker


Dear Sam Kerawala joined Beloved Baba yesterday 10-August-2019.


Here is an incident that happened […]

Trust God completely

Beloved Baba, The Mother and the Father in one

“A child’s trust in his mother is complete because he leaves all his […]

“There will be no end to my photos”


This is the same photo referred to in the message below!

Meher Baba had not bathed during his […]

“Repeat my name every second, every moment!”

Baba stressed the importance of constantly taking his name:

Repeat my name every second, every moment! If it becomes so natural in your subconscious, […]