The safest way to the Goal is to submit to Baba through love

In the Lagoon Cabin at 5:05 P.M., Baba met Michael and Ann Kohanow, a couple in their late thirties, and explained the three types […]

The fortunate boy


A seven-year-old boy named Jayanti regularly attended the Ahmednagar Center meetings but had not yet met Baba in person. After he had pestered […]

What matters is only love for God

Later that day, R. N. Kalia, the Delhi correspondent of a Lahore English newspaper, came to see Baba. Kalia said, “I am now trying […]

Mere intellectual understanding is not sufficient


In the town of Domel, a Punjabi gentleman approached Baba while Baba was reclining on his seat in the bus, and asked if […]

The Working of the Avatar [6/6] –  The Avataric Whim


The avataric whim is also part of the divine Destiny. Qaza provides for the absolute necessity of the Avatar’s ‘chance’ intervention, and the […]

The Working of the Avatar [5/6] –  Avatar exercises Qadar only when He deems it absolutely necessary


Kabir has said:

Kabir rekha karam kee kabhee na meete Ram Meetanhar samarth hai para samajh kiya hai kam.

O […]

The Working of the Avatar [4/6] – the Avatar’s interventions bring about modifications on a universal scale


The Sufis distinguish between Qaza or destined occurrences, and Qadar or happenings which are impulsive or ‘accidental’. The Avatar’s or Qutub’s actions are […]

The Working of the Avatar [3/6] – Everything in the universe is a materialization of the Original Whim


Everything in the universe is, and from the beginning has been, a materialization of the divine Original Whim working out irrevocably without default, […]

The Working of the Avatar [2/6] – The numberless and far-reaching results of Avatar’s actions


Unlike the actions of ordinary men, the Avatar’s every action on the gross plane brings about numberless and far-reaching results on […]

The Working of the Avatar [1/6] – The axis of the universe


The Avatar draws upon Himself the universal suffering, but He is sustained under the stupendous burden by His Infinite Bliss and […]