To play the game of life in the manner of a true sportsman

When an excellent performance by one’s opponents is appreciated equally by one’s own side, sports not only makes for physical fitness and […]

The purpose behind each minute of our day


There are many ways of working and many think, unless each hour of the day is filled with some definitely active work, that […]

“Can you call this a life worth living?”

Baba asked Sanjeevani Deshmukh to translate this [the previous messages on obedience including “How to become footlesss and headless?”] into Marathi. She hesitated, saying […]

Let your love flow on ceaselessly


“Let your love flow on ceaselessly, like a stream down the mountain on its way to the Ocean. Obstructions there will […]

Life’s struggle

All life is an effort to attain freedom from self-created entanglement.

It is a desperate struggle

to undo what has been done under ignorance, […]

“I put you there; now stay there.”

Don Stevens was a well-paid executive of Standard Oil. Once, thinking that he should pursue a more humanitarian line of work, such as being […]

“We must take God seriously and life lightly”


A college professor asked Baba, “What is life?”

Baba looked at him with a smile and replied: “Life is a mighty joke! He […]

Life at Its Best

Wish You All A Very Baba-ful Happy New Year 2014!!!


If understood, life is […]