A perfect example of obedience to Baba

[On this day 13-May in 1962, Vishnu joined his Beloved. Let us remember his love and obedience to […]

Mind and the Working of Sanskaras – Part-1/2


According to “The Combined Diary,” on this Sunday morning Baba “explained to the mandali the ‘workings of the mind, sanskaras, and […]

Time and Work Are Necessary for the Preparation of a Circle – Part 3 (Final)

Under such circumstances, the only good advice to be given is this: remain in sahavas, all of you! Even those […]

Time and Work Are Necessary for the Preparation of a Circle – Part 1

Hafez has elucidated all of the facts discussed so far, as well as other points to be gone into now. In splendid style. Continuing […]

“The circle members do not need these explanations”

Explaining about the circle of the Masters on Tuesday, 13 February 1940, Baba stated:

There is a difference in the Avatar’s or Sadgurus’ attitude […]

“Through me you [the Mandali] are serving the whole universe!”

Meanwhile, in North India, there was a severe shortage of wheat and rice after three years of drought and thousands of poor people were […]

20121206 – The closer a person is to a Perfect Master, the better it is for him

One day, some of the men mandali felt discouraged and began reflecting on their years with the Master. They concluded that they had gained […]

13 Oct 2012 – How Eruch joined Baba’s mandali


Eruch Jessawala reading out Baba’s message from the alphabet board

(Eruch Jessawala 13 Oct 1916 – 31 Aug 2001)