Heart, mind, sanskaras, and body – Part 2

God is your innermost Self. That means that behind this limited body you have within you energy […]

Heart, mind, sanskaras, and body – Part 1

[Baba gave the following points to the westerners during the Three Incredible Weeks]

Jesus and his inner circle […]

The Hidden Treasure of the Self

On Thursday morning, 16 November 1944, Baba visited the Buddhist Society in Nagpur. Adi Sr. read […]

“My proximity just change that mass of sanskaras”

“As you all become more intimate with me, with opportunities to come closer to me, all that […]

Why does a Master ask questions?

Q. Why, if he knows everything, does the Master ask questions ?

The impressions of the experiences of the innumerable […]

Its bindings that come in the way

“By not eating, you gather the impressions of ‘not eating’. Doing or […]

Stopping the Machine

A typical giant machine

Let’s take another concrete figure to illustrate how the ordinary human […]

Dislodging the seats of low desires

Baba aboard a ship

On Thursday, 15 November 1934, Baba boarded the SS Tuscania in Bombay to set sail for Europe.


To scoop out the impurities

Baba in Andhra tour

[This incident happened in Baba’s second Andhra visit of 1954. Baba […]

Sadguru burns up the sanskaras

“I say, therefore: Will [control] your mind; lead a pure, clean, and virtuous life; remove low desires; follow One […]