Good and evil [2/9] – Man starts with animal sanskaras

Although in humans consciousness is fully developed, one finds in it a preponderance of bad elements; since at the subhuman stages of evolution, consciousness […]

Good and evil [1/9] – The distinction

[This series is an extract from the wonderful discourse given by Beloved Baba on ‘Good and Evil’]

Of the opposites created by […]

To scoop out the impurities


Baba in Andhra tour


[This incident happened in Baba’s second Andhra visit of 1954. Baba wished the local organizers to reconsider a […]

On sanskaras – The Creation, Cutting Up, and Destruction – Part 4/4

Thus by renouncing everything, surrendering heart and soul to their Guru, and remaining constantly in his sahavas, the bhaktas are enabled to perform the […]

On sanskaras – The Creation, Cutting Up, and Destruction – Part 3/4



And who has the greatest quantity of sanskaras? Sinners! It is for this very reason—to destroy the largest stores of […]

Train your mind to pass over thoughts



It is normal to have bad thoughts; so long as you do not interpret them into actions, you thereby get an opportunity […]

On sanskaras – The Creation, Cutting Up, and Destruction – Part 1/4



A man’s—a human being’s—every thought, word, and action is liable to and actually creates sanskaras. Good thoughts, words, and deeds […]

Sadguru burns up the sanskaras

“I say, therefore: Will [control] your mind; lead a pure, clean, and virtuous life; remove low desires; follow One who has realized God; […]

Purifying the heart (6/7): The fire of divine love alone can destroy all impressions



“It is better to feel angry sometimes than merely to suppress anger. You then […]

Purifying the heart (5/7): Leave thoughts alone, maintain a constant vigil over actions



“The best way to cleanse the heart and prepare for the stilling of the […]