A widening of interest, not a cutting down

With Baba there was frequent change, never routine for long. He wanted one to be fluid and adaptable, to accept the easy and […]

Purging and burning up of the dross

Delia with Baba in 1952, USA

So we all had a trying time in various ways. Baba was working on us all and for […]

The life of the spirit is unified

Kitty Davy holding umbrella, Meherabad, possibly 1938

From the kitchen Baba would go to the garden where the plants were being watered or seeds […]

Three ways to obtain the spiritual treasure



“Seek and you shall find” has become such a commonplace slogan that spiritual aspirants have begun to wonder what it […]

Why spiritual progress is gradual?

The question was then asked, “Why don’t you Sadgurus improve everyone and lift them up to Realization all at once, instead of advancing them […]

Purifying the heart (7/7): Entrust our minds to Baba by His remembrance

“But it is not child’s play to remember me constantly during your moments of […]

Purifying the heart (6/7): The fire of divine love alone can destroy all impressions

“It is better to feel angry sometimes than […]

Purifying the heart (5/7): Leave thoughts alone, maintain a constant vigil over actions

“The best way to cleanse the heart and […]

Purifying the heart (3/7): Heart cannot be purified by following rituals and ceremonies



“Even as the mind cannot be freed of bindings by mere physical renunciation, so the heart cannot be purified by mere mechanical […]

Purifying the heart (2/7): The mind cannot be freed of bindings by mere physical renunciation

“Thus every […]