The New Humanity – an integral vision of the Truth



A hodge-podge of collected ideas can never be a substitute for a direct and fresh perception of the Goal. The new world-culture […]

The New Humanity – the release of love in measureless abundance

The New Humanity will come into existence through a release of love in measureless abundance; and this […]

The New Humanity – Material and spiritual adjustment



In the hour of trial, let the thought of everyone be not for the limited self, but for othersโ€”not for the claims […]

Dislodging the seats of low desires

Baba aboard a ship

On Thursday, 15 November 1934, Baba boarded the SS Tuscania in Bombay to set sail for Europe.


Godliness is on auction – only real love unlocks the treasure store

After each discourse, Baba would urge the boys:

“Love me and you will realize me. […]

Balancing of Sanskaras – The importance of implicit and unquestioning obedience to Baba

Returning to the subject of sanskaras, Baba recounted to the women this true story:

There was a man who was a great […]

Balancing of Sanskaras – Real freedom



On Sunday, 13 October 1940, he explained some more points about sanskaras, after his second typed article had been read […]

Good and evil [9/9] โ€“ The Illumination and Realization

When there is exact balancing and overlapping of good and bad sanskaras, they both disappear; with the result that what remains is a clean […]

Good and evil [8/9] โ€“ Analogies for overlapping sanskaras

The ego lives either through bad sanskaras or through good sanskaras, or through a mixture of good and bad sanskaras. Therefore the […]

Good and evil [7/9] โ€“ Unbinding of good is easier than that of evil


The ego exchanges the abode of identification with evil for the abode of identification with good because the latter gives it a greater […]