20130313 – James McGrew’s meeting with Baba – part 3

Baba’s fragrance was exquisite. At first I thought that he had special exotic colognes, but later I was told that Baba’s fragrance was his […]

20130312 – James McGrew’s meeting with Baba – part 2

When Jim walked through the entrance of Guruprasad at about 8:30 A.M., he felt a heavenly stillness. The Biblical expression, “The peace that passeth […]

20130311 – James McGrew’s meeting with Baba – part 1

JAMES HALL MCGREW found out about Baba from Rick Chapman in the summer of 1965 after graduating from college at the age of 21. […]

20130310 – I am the Shah Saudagar – The Merchant-King


If you want to know God, the only solution is to catch hold of my daaman [robe]. If you care for God, if […]

20130308 – One who asks for nothing, gets everything

[continued from previous post]

The next morning, May 11th, Baba allowed a few of his lovers private interviews in the Lagoon Cabin. He even […]

20130307 – I want love, nothing else


Adele Wolkin with Baba

After fifteen minutes, Baba called in Filis’ “twin,” Adele Wolkin, age thirty-four. “She has eyes like Babajan,” […]

20130303 – Never take pride in serving the Master who serves the universe

BABA LEFT Meherabad for Bombay on September 3, two weeks prior to his scheduled departure. He decided to go early to secure passports and […]