Sandals of the Master


On November 8th, Baba asked Norina, “Which would you rather be, my hat or my sandals?”

Norina said, “Your sandals.”


“Because the […]

Spiritual beings are of three types

Meanwhile, Mercedes D’Acosta and Consuella de Sides had come to India in November with the intention of meeting other spiritual Masters and yogis. They […]

God-realization and the seven understandings – Part 3 (Final)


Samadhis of animals associated with Baba, Meherabad

Soon after, he got ill, and I discussed with ‘Soltoon’s sister’ (meaning Baidul, […]

God-realization and the seven understandings – Part 2

Souls on the fourth and fifth planes have insight; their understanding is direct, without thinking with the mind. Illumination means seeing God as He […]

God-realization and the seven understandings – Part 1


Baba with dog Chum in front of Tin Cabin, Meherabad, 1935

During Baba’s seclusion, he had instructed the […]

Overcome criticism and backbiting

It is most difficult not to backbite. Still, the more you try, the more you help me. It […]

Spirituality requires perfect poise – Part 2 (Final)

If you are in the Sahara, and for four days you have no water to drink and, all of […]

Spirituality requires perfect poise – Part 1

In Karwar, Baba gave this explanation to the women about spiritual poise:

What is spirituality? It is the undoing of what you […]

“I am the Highest of the High” – Meher Baba

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People’s indifference toward things spiritual makes Baba suffer more – Part 2 (FInal)


Citing an instance to illustrate what he meant, Baba further stated:

Suppose one is bitten by a large scorpion. It causes terrible agony. […]