How can you be free of actions? – Part 3 (Final)


What I want is this. Listen carefully; it is very important for my lovers:

The lover has to keep the wish […]

How can you be free of actions? – Part 2

The state in between states 1 and 2 may be compared with a child awake and out of the cradle. It is an example […]

How can you be free of actions? – Part 1



The discourse on “Action and Inaction” (delivered originally in Poona the year before) was then read:

1. In the Beyond, Beyond state […]

“The difference is only in the state of consciousness”

Why do I say everything is within you? It is not above or beneath. The difference is only in the state of consciousness. For […]

The duty of the lover of God

Beloved God is in all. What is then the duty of the lover? It is to make the Beloved happy without sparing himself. Without […]

“Complete surrender, in itself, embodies the acceptance by the Master”



“He who genuinely surrenders to a Perfect Master surrenders completely without asking for permission to do so.

He […]

What is meant by ‘to come to me’


Charles Purdom asked, “Will you comment on what you mean by ‘to come to me’?” Baba replied: To come to me means liberation, […]

“When you in me resign, I in you can operate free”


Once a friend near suicide calls to Him in despair. At that time she was in America and Baba was in India. She […]

“The time is coming, when I will shake everything off me”

In 1963, Baba often repeated that he would break his silence at the end of nine months. On the morning of 25 May, he […]

The Mahapralaya (cosmic dissolution)


At 8:00 P.M. on the night of Friday, 2 December 1927, Baba expounded about the universe and Mahapralaya (cosmic dissolution):

These universes […]