Don’t think much of self while doing service

[Personal Interviews]

Question: I am very happy to see you.

Baba: Anything to say?

Question : About the children for whose […]

“Purity, impurity all disappear when love is one hundred percent”


Adele wolkin with Beloved Baba, Meherazad


Adele [Wolkin] met Baba at 10 A.M. that morning. To her Baba stated:

“Do […]

“The virtues of a man are nullified by a streak of pride”



“It is best if there is a balance between the head and the heart, but to combine them and keep them […]

The Voice of Conscience and Firmness of Mind

“Your mind must be as firm as a rock that resists strong blasts of wind from all sides without budging an inch.” […]

The Repentance prayer



[Before participating himself in Repentance prayer as a devotee in the Fiery Life, Baba said:]

I want you all to […]

About a missed appointment – Keeping it is for our own good



Baba had asked another visitor, Govind Joshi, a learned lecturer in a college, to come on a certain date, which Govind had […]

Gratitude is the art of accepting life as being My Will


[Bal Natu’s ‘internal’ conversations with His Beloved Baba. Baba’s words are in bold]

You sat down, but I could not decide how to […]

The greatest law of God is Love

Of all the forces that can best overcome all difficulties, the greatest is the force of love, because the greatest Law of God is […]

“Mind is always caught by some sort of attachment”


The world is a drama. You weep, you laugh — to weep and laugh again. It is all a tamasha [a show]. When […]

Baba’s help in our journey


[In one of Bal Natu’s conversations with the Beloved…]

Baba: “This journey, this way of living, is neither easy nor difficult. […]