Baba’s message to children – Make me your friend

Baba’s message to children – Make me your friend

I was very happy to receive your love-filled letter in your sweet language. I love […]

The Law of Karma

The law of Karma is the counterpart of the law of cause and effect, which operates in the physical world. If there were no […]

God does everything and nothing

God does everything and in another sense does nothing. Although God does nothing, those who approach Him with love and surrender derive everything that […]

The One Indivisible Life

The correct solution of every problem can come only from Indivisible Truth. There can be no fictitious cleavage in the unity of life by […]

Obey the Master

The visitors then asked, “But why does man, although he desires to be good and honest, fail to be so?”

And Baba replied, “Not […]

Forgiveness is the best charity

…it is impossible for men to forget their wrongdoing and the wrongs done to them by others. And since they cannot forget, […]

Inculcate the high truths

One of the Baba lovers then said that understanding derived through reading is vague and later on becomes confusing, so he had quit […]

Remain Happy

In 1962 at the East-West gathering, Bal Natu described a visit to Baba by several people. During the course of the conversation, reference to […]

“Any remark or criticism that does not hurt is good”

Innocent and fair criticism does not hurt and is good, but it is quite rare. What I mean by talking ill of others is […]

“Never to hurt the heart of another”

I’ve told you before how when I was young I used to take pride in always telling the truth. I hurt a lot of […]