“I keep silent”

When an Avatar has to manifest, for some period before His manifestation He either fasts, keeps silent, or adopts some inner discipline for the […]

The true understanding of love

“The true understanding of love is in the growth of consciousness of many of its various aspects as they open out to tender loving […]

Because of our bindings

Just think of it: God is within all, in everyone, and he is infinite. God is all powerful, God is all bliss. And yet, […]

The eclipse is purely an astronomical phenomenon

Question: The astronomical phenomena, the eclipse of the moon or the sun, visibly stir the Hindu world into great religious activity. Why is such […]

“Only selfless love and universal brotherhood can bring happiness”

[A reporter from the Associated Press came to interview Baba]

“Will your Holiness kindly give me a […]

The three important factors that are characteristic of the state of Perfection

Question: For an aspirant to the Path in search of a Master, is there any infallible method of recognizing a Perfect Master?

Answer: “Spiritual […]

Science and higher planes

Question: Will material science, in the near or remote future, be able to probe into subtle and higher planes? At the present rate of […]

What sound is like in the higher planes

Question: Can some idea be had of what sound is like from the higher planes? Does it in any way differ in intensity of […]

The planes of consciousness

Question: Is the “consciousness” we are aware of in the human form the same in all the spiritual planes?

Answer: “The unfoldment of consciousness […]

The inner spirit should remain free from the burden of desires

Meher Baba defines “spirituality” as: “that which makes man more human. It is a positive attribute of realizing all that is good and noble […]