Love vs sex

Questioner: The aspirant must undoubtedly eliminate lust and release love. But lust as well as love is a fact of inner life […]

Love your Master in the other person


Questioner: When a young aspirant meets young women, he is susceptible to thoughts of lust. On the other hand, if he avoids them […]

The method of love is direct


Questioner: It has been said that by breaking the through different hindrances of lust, hate, and so on, one can develop true love. […]

Universe is based on duality


Questioner: Why do forces of evil predominate over forces of virtue?

Baba: It is all in the scope of universal law. […]

“This dream should be so adjusted that it awakens you“


Questioner: Why does God, who is so kind and merciful, give suffering and pain to so many?


Baba: God has […]

Faith and nobility


Questioner: Is faith in God essential?

Baba: That depends on how you interpret faith. Some who have faith and believe in God lead […]

The simple remedy


Questioner: Is economic adjustment is possible as long as human being are what they are?

Baba: Economic adjustment and human nature are interdependent. […]

Intellect and spirituality


Questioner: Is it impossible to understand spiritual matters intellectually?


Baba: Spiritual doctrine can be stated in intellectual terms. Intellect is a great […]

Astrology and spirituality


Questioner: Has astrology anything to do with spirituality? Can astrological problems be proved as scientific problems?

Baba: Everything has something to do with […]

Principles of science can be fitted-in with spirituality


Questioner: Do you accept the principle that science and religion are separate?

Baba: It depends upon how it is understood. Science, […]