The internal and external states

There are two states, internal and external, divided or separated by a mental curtain or veil. To purify the internal state is not in […]

The three types of spiritual beings in India


Meanwhile Mercedes de Acosta and Consuelo Sides had come to India in November with the intention of meeting other Spiritual Masters and yogis. […]

Universe is based on duality


“Why do forces of evil predominate over forces of virtue?”

Baba:“It is all in the scope of Universal Law. The suffering […]

About the spiritual hierarchy


Baba made some interesting comments about the spiritual hierarchy. He said, “Out of 160 or 170 [very advanced] souls on earth, […]

“He who gives up habits attains God”

When they found their son’s welcome change of mind, their joy knew no bounds and they were deeply grateful to Baba. Thereupon, at 12:30 […]

The body is the medium for the soul’s progress


One night Baba made these comments to the mandali concerning the process of death:

You eat food, and to keep yourselves healthy […]

“Without love, everything of the world is nothing but trash!”


After a song, Baba gave this discourse about love:

“Love for God is a gift from God to man, and therefore it is […]

Love God wholeheartedly


[On the occasion of the Extended and Renovated Avatar Meher Baba Ahmednagar Center] Baba said:

“All of you present today will always be […]

What is meant by the “real gift?”


If a gift is to be real, then both the giver and receiver of the gift must forget the transaction completely. […]

“The shortest, quickest way to the realization of Truth is through love”


The rector (chief pastor) of St. Bartholomew’s Church, Rev. Dr. Robert Norwood, came to see Baba at the Astor on 24 November. Although […]